Our Vision

Creating Ownership of Our Economy

Metro Denver Economic Equity Project (DEEP) is a community-lead initiative facilitated by Diversity Dynamics to develop cooperation around economic mobility, opportunity, and projects that serve the Denver Metro Area African Diaspora with the singular goal of  improving our health via the development of a lasting ecosystem of black ownership of our economy.

Diversity Dynamics, supported by Hope Center as fiscal sponsor, was awarded a grant by the Colorado Health Foundation to build this initiative.  We know that there is a lot of movement around the Metro area in Economic Development, and many groups have it as an element of their programming.  Our goals are to:

Identify all the groups working on the issue for the Black Community; also to identify excellence to lift up as examples and foundations, and to identify gaps and barriers which we develop solutions to. 

Ensure that all the elements above are included in our strategic planning process.  In order to be successful we must ensure a common vision that is inclusive of all segments of this community and have agreement that even if we are not specifically "working together" that we are concurrently "working towards" for the greater good of us all as is captured in our very DNA.

Finally, to then build systems, curriculum, and infrastructure that will work for us to execute on that common vision to help businesses grow, entrepreneurs to have better opportunities, and most importantly ensure individuals and their families can participate and be able to take advantage of the project as they build wealth and have the knowledge and tools to pass it all down generationally.

We are also raising additional funding make some capital purchases that will sustainably fund the initiative long term.

Core Values 


“For ALL by US”, we want to support economic development projects and businesses that attract and benefit all communities but are owned primarily or totally by local African-Americans and African Immigrants.

Breaking down Barriers

In this work we want to breakdown barriers between African Descendants of Slavery and African Immigrants and other divisions in our community by creating points of unity and economic cooperation.

No one left behind

We want to be in a position to meet anyone in our community where they are at and get them where they need to be.

Not recreating the wheel

We want to promote innovative ideas by using the existing infrastructure and potential we have access to.